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Jan and Collin, both seasoned professionals in pest control, founded HUB Pest Solutions to bring a fresh approach to the industry. Jan started his career in 2006, swiftly progressing from a sales representative to roles such as service manager and branch manager. With 17 years of experience, he managed a team of 70 employees, overseeing a branch serving over 12,000 customers in Austin, TX. Jan excelled in leadership, emotional intelligence, and business training, even co-creating a national sales course. Collin entered pest control in 2011 as a technician, rising through the ranks to become a sales manager for the largest residential pest control company in the U.S. Recognized as a top performer, he moved into leadership roles, achieving the highest employee and customer satisfaction scores in the country as a General Manager in 2020. Having worked together for seven years in neighboring branches, Jan and Collin combined their expertise to establish HUB Pest Solutions. Their shared passion and extensive experience make them a dynamic force in the pest control industry.

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