Terms of Service Agreement

The consumer hires HUB Pest Solutions to perform its professional services, in an effort to resolve infestation levels in the home or place of business. HUB Pest Solutions accepts the job and will provide its service with a set of requirements that are key to its success.

OUR SERVICE: Our service is a preventative program and is designed to keep the insects away with regular applications, customer provided pest proofing, and the removal/storage of food and water these pests seek, for the survival of the colony or nest.

HUB Pest Solutions will provide “Pest Control” related services for its customers with the intention of removing infestation levels, and maintaining acceptable levels in the future, with regular service intervals. HUB Pest Solutions does not guarantee “total elimination” of pest levels.

The customer agrees to make property readily available to HUB Pest Solutions for the purpose of providing “Pest Control Services” on the agreed frequencies. We offer a warranty program with your regular maintenance program. If you should have an issue during the covered warranty period, we will return at no charge to you. In order to maintain our warranty, and keep these pests away, regular interval servicing is required. Flex 5 service is a 5th service that is flexible in that it can be requested by the customer at any time. HUB Pest Solutions may offer it as an option when customers call in for retreatment depending on the situation. Flex 5 services are part of a well-rounded service protocol with regular monthly billing. HUB Pest Solutions will not reimburse or reduce any monthly subscription for unused Flex 5 services.

AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS: As a courtesy, we will remind you when your service is coming due. Currently, we use text and e-mail communications, the quickest methods used to make contact. Our system sends appointment reminders to each customer 1-2 days prior to service.

NOTE: If your gate or fence is locked upon arrival for service, we will complete the service in all areas we can access. If you would like the backyard or locked areas treated, please contact our office to schedule your backyard treatment.

WARRANTY: Depending on the service type selected, HUB Pest Solutions offers an included limited warranty period. Our warranty ensures the control of included pests, in and around your home through delivery of pest control services at regular intervals. Our guarantee to you is if you are seeing infestation levels while under the guarantee period, we will return at no cost to you, and make the correction. The sighting of one insect, or a dead insect in the structure does not mean you have an infestation. Dead insects are a good thing.

Service Expectations: Our interior services are performed to correct and remove infestation levels inside the structure. Depending on the type of pest problem or condition of structure, service techniques may vary. Our pest control services, using current technologies, allow us to focus on the individual pest issue, and may not require that the entire interior of the structure be serviced, especially during maintenance servicing or callback visits.  Advances in pest control allow us to pinpoint and treat pests at the source. Exterior treatments are intended to form a complete barrier of protection as a control method.  Exterior foliage, ie. trees, bushes, lawn, mulch areas can sometimes harbor these pests. Keeping these away from the structure will dramatically help with your pest activity. Occasionally HUB Pest Solutions may recommend control measures on the exterior that are beyond our normal scope of work, i.e. animal trapping, rodent exclusion and ornamental tree related services. In those circumstances, contracting a specialist in this field of work is recommended.

SERVICE EXCLUSION: Customer understands that this agreement does not include the control or prevention of wood infesting organisms, termites, powder post beetles, wood borers, etc. Nor does it include biting, piercing, or sucking insects, like fleas, ticks, mites, bedbugs, carpenter ants, or bees. Please ask our techs about these additional services. HUB Pest Solutions cannot guarantee against re-infestation of pests from neighboring areas.

PAYMENT: Customer assumes full financial responsibility for services rendered. HUB Pest Solutions requires that a valid credit card remain on file for all future maintenance related services. Customer authorizes HUB Pest Solutions to charge the credit card on file for future maintenance services. Credit card information will be stored securely and encrypted for future services. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS, CASH, MONEY ORDERS, BANK TRANSFERS, OR EXTEND CREDIT. Net terms are not available for residential accounts. If the credit card on file does not have the available funds, the card will be ran again the following day. If the payment is not made, HUB Pest Solutions will call the customer to resolve the problem. HUB Pest Solutions reserves the right to cancel the service if payments aren’t up to date or resolved.

DAMAGE & WAIVER: HUB Pest Solutions is not responsible for and does not guarantee against present or future damage to structure or contents or provide for the repair or replacement thereof. Customer expressly releases and waives all liability claims against for compensation, re-treatments or repairs for past, present, or future insect or rodent damage to the structure or its contents, personal injury or damages arising from biting or stinging pests or contact with any product used by HUB Pest Solutions at the service address.

ACTS OF GOD AND OTHER EVENTS: Certain events beyond the control of HUB Pest Solutions may affect its ability to perform its obligations provided for under this agreement. These events include, but are not limited to: heavy rain, strong winds, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, acts of governmental authorities, or any other acts of God, or circumstances or causes beyond the control of HUB Pest Solutions and shall have no liability if, at its discretion, it becomes necessary to postpone, cancel, or terminate treatment as a result.